Making Room in your RV Bathroom

For obvious reasons, most RVs have tiny bathrooms. The way campers are designed is actually quite impressive considering the fact that every key feature of a house is fit into such a small space, and the restrooms in these units are no exception. With smaller toilets and miniaturized bathtubs, RV manufacturers manage to squeeze all the bathroom essentials into an itty bitty space.
The small size of an RV or trailer is great when you want to get up and go. After all, in general, the smaller the unit the easier it is to pack up and move. Smaller rigs also tend to require less in the way of gas, a huge bonus when you are traveling long distances.
The downfall of these tiny homes on wheels shows up when you are trying to fit everything into such a small space. The bathroom can be especially difficult to make functional, as it is the size of a closet and needs to hold all of your family’s toiletries and towels in addition to a sink, shower, and toilet.
Try some of these tips for making your RV bathroom more functional and less cumbersome.
Over-the-Toilet Shelving
Many restrooms waste the space between the toilet and the ceiling. If this is the case in your bathroom, be sure to take advantage of the wasted space by adding an over-the-toilet shelf. These are easy to find, fairly inexpensive, and simple to install. The shelf makes a great storage spot for towels or extra toilet paper.
Cereal Container Trash Can
In most rigs, the space between the toilet and wall is too small to fit a regular sized trash can. For this reason, it is necessary to find a substitute. The plastic cereal containers found in many box stores are a good fit for this job and even come with a lid for keeping pets and babies out of the trash.
Wall-Mounted Soap Dispensers
Storing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in wall-mounted dispensers is a great way to keep the shower area free of clutter. They will also keep your soaps firmly in place while you travel, resulting in less potential for mess.
Over-the-Door Towel Hooks
Putting up a set of hooks on the back of your bathroom door will provide you a place to hang wet towels out of the way. Make sure there is a hook for each member of the family so you don’t have any loose towels lying around.
Over-the-Door Shoe Pockets
Use an over-the-door shoe organizer on the opposite side of the bathroom door for holding sunscreen, makeup, face wash, toothpaste, and all the other odds and ends found in a bathroom. This keeps them easily-accessible, organized, and out of the way.
These are just some of the ways you can put the limited space in your RV to good use. Get creative and you are sure to come up with several more ways that work well for you.
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