Say Goodbye to Leaks with RV Maintenance

The first day you pulled your shiny new RV off the lot, you probably never dreamed of the upkeep, little repairs and tender loving care you would be giving your RV through the years. Of course, all the little accessories, upgrades and minor repairs are worth it because of the enjoyment and memories you make living life out on the open road.
One of the most common small repairs that an RV will need is leak repair. Just like any other home you own, roof maintenance is part of the standard upkeep of an RV. Your home away from home undergoes almost perpetual vibration while you drive, which means that a few small leaks are inevitable with time. However, leaks don’t have to be a huge hassle, with simple to use, efficient Eternabond products that make RV Maintenance easy to handle on your own.
If you’ve struggled with caulking or rubber repair kits in the past, you will be happy to know thatRoofSeal by Eternabond is much simpler to use. You just make sure the roof of the RV is clean and dry, then you roll the RoofSeal onto the roof like duct tape, peeling the protective backing off as you go, so there is no chance of it sticking to itself. You can purchase RoofSeal in gray or white so it blends into the color of your RV’s roof.
Our customer’s love Eternabond and the way it extends the life of their RV because of their easy-to-use solutions to minor leaks.
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