Three RV Maintenance Tips to Keep it Running Safe and Smooth

Chances are that your RV is more than just a vehicle — It’s likely a home, an office, kitchen, bath, and even a way of life. That makes it most likely your single most important material possession. Therefore, you should understand that routine RV Maintenance is crucial to keeping it running safe and smooth. The following is a list of three tips to keep it in optimal condition for an enjoyably long life.
  1. Generator Maintenance – Generators need to run at about 50% power for two hours per month to remain in optimal condition. After all, it’s an engine like any other, which means if it’s not run at regular intervals, internal components will begin to rust and eventually render it inoperable. Generator maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your RV because the cost of repair is obviously quite high. Keep your generator running regularly with routine oil changes and tune ups for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Open It Up – If subjected to overly hot temperatures, interior parts of your RV such as seals, seams, flooring, coverings, and more can become extensively damaged. By opening up the inside vents, you will stimulate valuable air flow that will allow these parts to stay just cool enough in extreme temperatures to avoid serious damage. Be careful, however, to keep the outside vents closed to ensure destructive and costly moisture doesn’t find its way inside your vehicle.
  3. Cover Me – By covering your RV with a stand alone garage of some kind, you will greatly reduce costly repair problems to your RV. The roof of your RV can become significantly damaged from environmental effects like sun, snow, rain, and even wind. Find a place to store your RV under a strong roof when it’s not in operation to eliminate this costly possibility from happening.
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