#ThursdayThoughts From Our Service Dept🔧🪛🔨🧰

Who remembers this??
My Mom just found this picture of our sign that used to be on Old South 5 before you turned off on P road. We were at that location from 1994 until 2000 when we moved to our current place on 54.
In 1992 we had moved the original business from Heyworth Illinois. My Father Charlie started it in 1977 and is still here working with us today.
In 94 we got our start mostly doing repairs, we have always been rooted in our Service. People liked our work so much that they wanted to buy campers from us, and at that time normally only had about 8 to 15 on the lot.
We are so thankful to all of our customers that have made us into what we are today. We have for sure not forgotten and I don’t even really like to use the word “customer”. Friends is a more correct term. At this point we have sold to so many generations of family in our area and have watched your families grow.
Thank you for going down our service departments memory lane and hearing just a small part of our story.
If you need any work done on your camper or have questions, we can help…. Call our Service dept at 573-317-1001 or We also now offer a mobile service- Let us come to you!!! 573-932-4030
“A family that travels together stays together.”
– Anonymous

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