Tips for Keeping Bears Away When Camping in an RV

When camping in an RV, a big concern that many people have involves protecting themselves from bears. Fortunately, there are a number of preventative measures that will ensure you only view these magnificent creatures from afar.

Food Storage
Don’t assume you are safe just because you are staying in an RV. Instead, take measures to prevent bears from being attracted to your campsite in the first place by:
Immediately discarding trash into the appropriate containers and as far away from your campsite as possible
Storing food in tightly-sealed plastic containers
Bringing all food storage containers, coolers, etc. inside your vehicle unless you are grilling. By storing items inside your vehicle, you are providing yourself with a layer of protection in the event a bear does attempt a break-in.
Keeping your campsite clean at all times. Wash dishes immediately after eating, and wipe down tables and chairs to ensure there are no crumbs that would attract bears or other wildlife.
You may also want to consider a bear-proof food storage unit. Made from solid steel, one of these food storage containers will contain odors that might otherwise attract bears, while also being extremely difficult to break open. Trash containers made from solid steel are also recommended if you plan to park your RV on a particular for an extended period.

Avoid Other Attractants
Food isn’t the only thing that attracts bears. Anything with a strong scent such as deodorant, toothpaste, or even citronella candles will also draw these creatures in. As such, you should purchase unscented toiletries whenever possible, and avoid the use of scented cleaning supplies or soaps inside your RV. Citronella candles and tiki torches should also be placed securely inside your RV’s storage unit when not in use, as leaving them out overnight could encourage a bear to wander upon your campsite.
In addition to following these tips, you should also avoid leaving your RV unlocked or windows open while you are away. Doing so increases the odds that you will arrive home to find your recreational vehicle has been overtaken by bears or other wildlife. Should you encounter a bear despite taking these precautions, do not approach the animal, but instead create as much noise as possible in order to startle the creature and encourage him to flee.

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