#ThursdayThoughts From Our Service Dept🔧🪛🔨🧰

“Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’”
– Robin Williams

Even though Missouri has been having some back-and-forth weather with 70-degree days followed with a 36-degree day we know that camping season is so close we can taste it!!!! I wanted to keep this short and point out a few tips to get your rig ready for the season and start making those memories.

1. De winterize- make sure all lines run clear on city and pumps and now is a good time to check and update your in line filter.

2. Inspect all propane hoses.

3. Clean your camper inside and out and while cleaning you can visually inspect all of the components. Make sure nothing has become loose, cracked or damaged. Check air vents, slide, A/C cover, window, and door seals.

4. Check caulking on roof (anywhere a hole has been cut) wash, seal and UV coat roof to avoid sun damage.

5. Check Battery voltage and Propane levels.

6. Check tires.

7. Pack the fridge with ice cold drinks and those cabinets with all the best snacks 😊

If you would like some help this year with making sure you are ready to camp many of these things can be handled by our Service dept. Call today for questions 573-317-1001. We also now offer a mobile service- Let us come to you!!! 573-932-4030

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